Banky-W brags about winning election without help from a godfather



Nigerian singer, Banky Wellington who had a smooth run in the just concluded election, has taken to the airspace to brag about his success which according to him, was achieved without any help whatsoever from a Godfather.

It is a popular notion that Godfatherism is the order of the day in Nigeria politics. Due to this, politicians aspiring for electoral positions always have one or two political Juggernauts as godfathers to help actualize their political dream. But Banky-W got into the game without any such thing and still managed to emerge the winner in his polling unit.

Being that such things are considered impossible, the singer took it upon himself to make a boast of it. His boast is also meant to point to him as a living proof that political dreams can come true without godfathers. He bragged saying:

β€œThanks to all who voted. Collation of all polling units in Eti-Osa is still ongoing. But regardless of the final outcome, please take a good look at how we won my polling unit in Lekki 1. No godfather, logo issues, crowd-sourced fundraising, online trolling. Many said we were wasting our time.”

β€œBut we took our unknown party and built our agent structure within 3 months – and we upset the big boys in multiple polling units. We proved that it CAN be done. The movement has begun. We must sustain this momentum. This is only the beginning.