GistMedia wants to pay you Extra to your (G-AFF) Affiliate Balance on WhatsApp Social Activity


GistMedia Earners!

Another set for earning with GistMedia IncomeHub is here and guess what it is? Β It’s a WhatsApp social earning method.Β 

Let’s briefly explain. GistMedia IncomeHub wants to pay you for creating a WhatsApp group for GistMedia, make sure you use GistMedia IncomeHub earning details on the description on our site to introduce the ways of earning to your WhatsApp Group Participants. GistMedia would pay you ₦2500 for getting up to 120 participants in your WhatsApp group. Payment would be added to your (G-AFF) Affiliate Balance Earning.


  1. Create a WhatsApp Group – name the WhatsApp group “GistMedia Income, GistMedia IncomeHub earning, GistMedia Making Money Group” (Make sure GistMedia branded name is added to the WhatsApp Group.
  2. Add GistMedia IncomeHub contact number +2347037799999 – and make GistMedia as an Admin in your group. Make sure GistMedia is also an Admin in your WhatsApp group so we can manage the Group properly.
  3. Send GistMedia on WhatsApp or via email [email protected] Β your Name, GistMedia Username, WhatsApp Invite Link for record purpose and choose the Winners. Eligible Winners is unlimited.
  4. Update your WhatsApp contacts frequently with GistMedia IncomeHub earning description.
  5. Add as many WhatsApp contacts in your Groupminimum to add is 120 participants to your WhatsApp group with close monitoring and updates about GistMedia IncomeHub in your group to get qualified for a ₦2500 Earning
  6. GistMedia would monitor your WhatsApp group from time to time up to one week.
  7. GistMedia would count the number of participants in your WhatsApp Group, the minimum Contacts you should have in your Group is 120 – It doesn’t mean you should capped your goal at 120 contacts. You can have as many WhatsApp Groups and more contacts. You can have as many groups as possible and unlimited number of contacts in your group. GistMedia would pay you ₦2500 in your (G-AFF) Affiliate Balance. The Earnings can also be used to withdraw your GARS Activity Earnings to your Bank.
  8. GistMedia VENDORS can not use their registered WhatsApp Group. For GistMedia Vendors to get eligible, they must create a new WhatsApp Group to join in the competition and follow the processes as stated above.
  9. Communicate with your contacts as often as possible, update and engage them and thereafter make them engage in likwise conversation about GistMedia.
  10. Everyone can join in to participate in the GistMedia WhatsApp Earning Activity to get qualified and earn.
  11. Winners would be selected by Friday the 19th April, 2018 to win ₦2500.


See you at the top!

Good luck to eligible Winners.