Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What Does GistMedia Income Means?

GistMedia Income Hub is Make Money Effectual and Systematic, Automated Method of Reading and Sharing News, Getting Social, Comments, Reply to commens, Daily Login, Publishing Bews, Referrals of your friends, Clicking on Paid Links on news while Earning to such user’s Bank Account which is Paid by GistMedia Payment Team.

GistMedia as such is a News Sharing publication platform that independently, curate news and shares her Advertising system revenue with active eligible users, validated enough on the GistMedia Income Hub. GistMedia source quality with complete independent News verification before been approved by our Editorial team for the public.

What Does GistMedia Income Hub Means?

GistMedia Income Hub means our respective Income Program which is built around GistMedia Earning platform for GistMedia Earners to substantially make money online legitimately from. It’s the program through which GistMedia Income shares her revenue with validated and eligible members. GistMedia Income Hub is a virtual product pack which GistMedia Members purchased on GistMedia secure application website on of becoming and joining other validated members in the benefit of earning with

Who Are Validated And Eligible Members?

The benefits of joining GistMedia Income Hub cannot be over  emphasized. As such, validated and eligible members are active users that have successfully registered for GistMedia Income Hub through the payment of subscription fee of ₦1,600, otherwise called GistMedia Income Hub purchase. To start your way in earning with GistMedia, you must purchase GistMedia Income Hub which cost ₦1,600 and partake in GistMedia Income activities and also as an Affiliate.

What Does GRS Means?

GRS – This is GistMedia acronym of GistMedia Revenue Sharing. As a participant and bonafide member of GistMedia Income Hub platform, we share income revenue with you when you take part of GRS activities. GRS under the flagship of GistMedia Income Hub comprises of active daily login earnings + Sharing News/Sponsored Post + Comments/Replying of Comments + Referral Earning commission.

What GSE Means?

GSE – This is GistMedia acronym of GistMedia Sponsor Earning. As a participant and member of GistMedia Income Hub platform, GistMedia publishes news which are required to be shared by GistMedia Earners on their social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. GistMedia would pay you ₦100 per completed task of the GistMedia Sponsor Earning post published.

Is Multiple Account Allowed on GistMedia?

No! Multiple account is not allowed – this is to void system revenue abuse by Members. Accounts that violates this rule would be completed terminated.

Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

Can I Register More Than One GistMedia Account Using Similar Bank Account?

NO. It is not possible. GistMedia does not allow Members to use the same Bank account for different GistMedia Bank Payments. This is to curb abuse by impostors and Fraudsters from the GistMedia Earning system.

Why Is My Account Still Pending Activation After Making Payment?

If you made a payment using your ATM CARD which was processed online by Paystack secured payment platform and your account status is still reflecting ‘pending’ on your Account Status, simply contact our support service via email at [email protected] for us to confirm your payment and activate it.

What is Coupon Code How Can I Get One?

As a new prospect that wishes to join the ever remarkable earning platform, GistMedia Income Hub can be registered with the use of Authorized Coupon code or e-pin or voucher. This is the new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to  purchase from GistMedia Coupon Agents here. Upon successful purchase of GistMedia Coupon Code, you can apply the code  on GistMedia registration page. Once its applied, enter your new account credentials which you need to use in registering your GistMedia Income Hub account. Click on PLACE ORDER and that’s it.

How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed?

Members make payment to register either using visa, verve mastercard of online banking system via Paystack or purchasing coupon code or e-pin or voucher from our Coupon Code Agents. Please go here  to purchase GistMedia Coupon Codes.

I Don’t Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My Payment Through A Third Party Account?

It’s up to you, we will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal.

How Do I Request For Payment?

This is the most simplest part which does not entail any core rule that requires any Member to adhere to. Once your available balance of GRS + GSE + GAFF = ₦5000 – Such GistMedia Member can request for PAYOUT.

GRS – GistMedia Revenue Sharing

GSE – GistMedia Sponsor Earning

GAFF – GistMedia Affiliate Earning

GistMedia PAYOUTS is processed and completed every weekdays. This means PAYOUTS to our Earners is processed weekly (every week).. Withdrawal Portal is opened for 48hours after Completion of Payouts. Thereafter, another cycle of Payouts would be done next the following week. This means Payouts is expected every week.

If you did not get paid after a week of placing a WITHDRAWAL REQUEST, your earning will be rolled over to the following  week. You only need to earn more for you to have a share on the following weeks for your revenue payout.

You need to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and your eligible unpaid share earnings will be sent to your bank account on our next payout date. But if you want to retain your earning to accumulate and cash out whenever you want you don’t need to make a withdrawal till whenever you are ready.

When you make a withdrawal request, your profile and activities will be checked, if you are not eligible, you will get a notification on your account dashboard as message before or during the next payout including the reason why you may not get paid yet. If you are eligible, your withdrawal will be recorded for payout and you would get paid directly to your BANK ACCOUNT saved on your profile.

Let’s assume you didn’t get paid even after recording your withdrawal as eligible, it means revenue is not enough to pay you which means your payout will then be rolled over to the next week and you need to make a withdrawal again.

Before you can make a withdrawal, please take note and make sure that;

1. You have earned enough with the minimum amount of ₦5,000 which could be sum total of your GRS + GSE + GAFF = ₦5000 earning including referral earning as the case may be.

2. You can only make a withdrawal request once in a week  as we payout every week.

Multiple withdrawal request will be discarded and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated such as abuse and wrong withdrawal details.

3. You need a minimum of ₦2000 Affiliate Earning (3 active referrals) to be able to place withdrawal request.

4. You must be ready to cash out your earning. So, if you feel your earning is not enough to cash-out, you can always retain it till whenever you are ready.

5. Do not rush to place a withdrawal request by inputting a wrong BANK Information. GistMedia would not be held and responsible for your carelessness if we sent your PAYOUT to the wrong account information.

6. Earners who wishes to place withdrawal request without AFFILIATE EARNINGS or with less than 2 AFFILIATE Earnings must fulfill the following:

a. User must create a Blog Post on a reputable Blog such as /Facebook Group with not less than 20 members in the group / Youtube Video Testimonial for GistMedia as a testimonial stating how well the program (GistMedia Income Hub) has been changing lives positively or Facebook Group with not less tan 20 Members. GistMedia wishes to categorically state that Blogpost Link would be considered for Users to get paid once the post is posted on a defined blog, reputable enough for GistMedia Search rankings. Otherwise, such User can make a testimonial Video with their GistMedia Referral links on the Youtube Video for easy verification. The Affiliate link username must match your GistMedia Account username, otherwise, such withdrawal would not be considered and paid for Less than 3 Referrals or no Referrals.

b. User must have participated in GistMedia Sponsor Post in their Social Media platforms correctly. Facebook and Twitter/Instagram SPONSOR POSTS must be up to date correctly posted to the platforms and submitted for WITHDRAWAL for review to be eligible for payout.

c. User must paste their Youtube Video/Facebook Group/Blogpost link to GistMedia Withdrawal platform to inform and allow GistMedia Admins pay such user with either the Facebook GroupBlogpost Link/Youtube Video.

N.B: If a user is trying to make withdrawals with the Facebook Group Method, the Facebook Group Link must not be less than 20 Members would only be accepted to be used for NON-REFERRAL Withdrawal


7. Withdrawal rules must be followed to make sure everything is well regulated. Else, you may not be attended to until next week when you would need to place a new withdrawal request after you have followed our guidelines correctly.

Is There Any Hidden Fees, Additional Payments to GistMedia Income Registration?

No, when you activate your GistMedia account by purchasing a onetime income hub of ₦1,600, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees.

How Can I Share Sponsored Post To Earn Commission?

From your dashboard menu, click on “SPONSORED POST” then click on the link with post date that would appear to read instruction on how to share sponsored post.

How Can I Refer My Friends and Family To Earn with GistMedia?

With GistMedia Income Hub, your earning capability is limitless. You can earn sustainably over ₦300,000 every week legitimately and getting paid to your Bank. Once you have registered and get approved, a unique referral link will automatically be generated as your own. From your dashboard menu, click on ” AFFILIATE / Referral Links. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Is It A Must To Refer People Before I Get Paid?

NO! Referral is not compulsory. But since GistMedia pays her Affiliate earners first on weekly basis revenue share, you may decide to refer people to earn more commission and get paid faster. Users without Referral are segregated and  paid last with the remaining revenue left every 2 weeks. Please see FAQ Question and Answer “How Do I Request For Payment? to learn how to withdraw without Referrals.

I Referred Someone And My Account Wasn’t Credited With Referral Commission. Why?

This happens when the person you introduced to GistMedia refuses to use your referral link or referral username.

Your account won’t be credited unless your prospect registers with your referral link, make payment and get approved. Some persons like disregarding the link given to them by going directly to the site without the use of their sponsor’s link. So, it’s advisable to shorten and hide your referral link to avoid loosing referrals unnecessarily. To shorten and hide your link, you can use either or

Is It A Must To Share Post On Facebook as SPONSOR POST?

YES! Very compulsory. Without participating in it, No payout for you.

Can I Share Other News On My Facebook Timeline After Posting The Normal Sponsored

Yes! feel free but no earning attached to it. We only pay for the assigned sponsored post daily.

How Can I Get My Referral Link?

From your dashboard, click on Affiliate /referral link. Make sure you read details on the page carefully.

Can Someone Outside Nigeria Join GistMedia Income Hub?

We focus on Nigerian content and our very own local currency here. Foreigners getting involve might be difficult in terms of paying in and out. Any foreigner who can be able to pay in by making purchase of our GistMedia Income pack Pack and cash out in Nigeria currency (Naira) are welcome to GistMedia program.

Must I Bring Referrals Before GistMedia Pays Me?

NO! If you are getting paid from GistMedia, why don’t you see it by referring your friends to join you. It would help us to make the GistMedia platform grow instead of ‘hiding and killing‘ the GistMedia idea by only subjecting yourself to earn.

However, you are advised to read our payment terms and condition as regard to we pay those referral earners first and pay those without referrals last. That’s untill when the available revenue get exhausted.


What Is GistMedia Income Pack And How Are They Making Money?

Our products contain a membership package and advertising. We earn money through our custom advertising system and partners. That’s why we call it Gist Media Advertising Revenue Sharing (GRS).